Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Best way to earn money today -One life

5 Reasons to join OneLife Today

5 Simple Reasons Why you should join OneLife Today Itself.
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Groupon is the fastest growing company in the world to reach $1 Billion in sales and it took them almost 28 months.

The company I wanna introduce you today is having track record of $1 Billion in sales in less than 18 months.

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What is OneCoin?

OneCoin is fastest growing cryptocurency in the world.More than 2.3 million people already joined onecoin and making good income.you have many reasons to join onecoin today.Secure your position in onecoin business.Click Here to Join OneCoin Today

Onecoin Create not only Business It Creates the Leaders. Onecoin will be no.1 Cryptocurrency in the world.Watch the below video

Onecoin Creates Life

7 reasons Why OneCoin Better than Bitcoin
More advanced and more secured algorithm (SCRIPT)
Smaller denomination makes coin more usable (120 bn coins) . Bitcoin reached upto 1200 usd, which made it inaccessible for many people and not practical as a currency
Onecoin exchange provides due to its centralization higher liquidity and less volatility, unlike multiple bitcoin exchanges all selling at different rates…
Dedication management team responsible for strategy , attracting merchants and building the Onecoin brands vs decentralized approach bitcoin.
Onecoin is mined in mining pools ( or teams ) keeping individual investments in hardware.. etc , minimal
Onecoin uses KYC procedures and can not be abused for illegal purposes like bitcoin was ( Bitcoin was used for buying drugs and weapon on the internet ) KYC procedures = KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS procedures
Onecoin is still in an early stage and therefore interesting for investors, while Bitcoin is already very mature

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